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Thanks to membership fees and your generous donations, we have been able to continue our activities while maintaining our total independence. We continue to count on your indispensable support to be able to continue our activities.

Our association is totally independent and does not belong to any government, embassy or organization. Our financial resources are membership fees and donations. We have no employees and our activities are entirely carried out by volunteers. Whatever the nature of the donations: the registration fees of the Ahl-el-Bayt School(AS), the fees for divorces or wedding ceremonies, funeral ceremonies, or collections, everything is used for the rent of the center, its maintenance and our activities. Whatever your involvement, you bring to our association the means to continue to engage and have adequate resources for our cultural and religious activities.

You can pay your donations to our CCP account:

Association Islamique et Culturelle d’Ahl-el-Bayt de Genève

6, Route des Acacias

1227 Les Acacias (Geneva)- Switzerland

Postfinance, Account number: 12-570768-0

IBAN : CH11 0900 000 1257 0768 0


For your sadaqa, your financial aid to orphans and the  needy, please also use the same account (CCP 12 –570768-0) by mentioning the reason for your donation in the communication section.


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Our association is completely independent and our financial resources are membership fees and donations.Our account: CCP 12 –570768-0, (IBAN: CH11 0900 0000 1257 0768 0).
Our center is open to everyone, do not hesitate to come and visit us, you are welcome.

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