Ceremony of birthday of Prophet Mohammad (S) and of Imam Jaffar Sadegh (AS)

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Beneficient


Dear brothers, dear sisters, As-salaamu alaikum,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the following program which will take place at Ahl-el-Bayt (AS) Islamic and Cultural Association of Geneva, 6, Route des Acacias, 3rdfloor. (To enter please ring the bell labeled « Centre Islamique «)

Tuesday 3th October at 19:00: Prayer, Ceremony of birthday of Prophet Mohammad (S) and of Imam Jaffar Sadegh (AS) following by Prayer and dinner

We would like to remind you of our activities during the year:

Every Thursday at 19:30: Recitation of duâ Kumayl followed by a lecture


We would like to benefit from this occasion to thank you for the support that you have provided us. Thanks to membership payments and your generous donations, we have been able to independently continue our activities. We are still counting on your support and would like to remind you of our CCP number:  12 – 570768-0 (IBAN: CH11 0900 0000 1257 0768 0).  Please find the QR code in attachment.


Feel free to forward this information to your friends and contacts, and kindly send us their contact details if they want to receive our updates. The doors of our Islamic center are always open to everyone. Those who wish to give a lecture, offer a meal, participate in organizing programs or help our association financially are requested to contact me.


We await your attendance and hope that our activities interest you

As-salam u aleikum

Vahid Khoshideh

For programs you can refer to the site:



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Our association is completely independent and our financial resources are membership fees and donations.Our account: CCP 12 –570768-0, (IBAN: CH11 0900 0000 1257 0768 0).
Our center is open to everyone, do not hesitate to come and visit us, you are welcome.

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